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 What we are doing?  

Giants Causeway, Northern IrelandMe (Ruth) and my husband Paul are planning the biggest adventure of our life so far. We are working towards leaving England to Travel the world, starting in February 2010. I was born and raised in the Uk, and Paul was born in Dublin Ireland. We got married in April 2009 and after spending a holiday in Croatia together in the summer of 2009 we decided we wanted to go travelling for a while. I currently work as a Performing arts teacher/ Support worker at a college and Paul works as an IT Manager. We plan to leave our job’s at the end of the year and set off around the beginning of February 2010. We plan to travel for around 10 months, we will see how long we can survive. We are going on what I would call a true adventure! This will involve taking risks, experiencing some discomfort at times, personnel growth, experiencing different cultures and learning about the world we live in.

My Dad used to own a small travel tour business, where he organised tours and took small groups of people around the world. He used to spend around 2-3 months a year traveling around the world and although I would miss him when he was away I loved the stories he would tell us when he came home. I guess he has influenced my desire to travel greatly.

At the age of  6 I went on my first holiday around Europe with my family, then at 9 I went on my first flight to Spain. Since then my parents took us on at least one holiday a year. We travelled to Calofornia, Hollywood, Utah, Mexico, Italy, France, Poland, Hungry, Malta, Tenerife, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I also lived and worked in Ohio for 3 months at a summer camp in 2004, then travelled to Chicago and New York with friends after.

Paul has also travelled to Florida, New York, Amsterdam and London with his family.  Also since getting married last April 2009, me and Paul have been to Florida and Croatia together. No matter how many holidays we go on we just seem to be left wanting to see more!

We are both really excited about the adventure we are about to embark on. As you read through our blog,  I hope you will be inspired to follow in our footsteps. If you have any doubts, about leaving your life here to go travelling, then ask yourself this question ‘What have you got to lose?’ If it’s just fear that is stopping you, I’d say let go and just DO IT! :)

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.
- Andre Gide

Thanks for reading

Ruth and Paul