Arriving in Singapore

We arrived in Singapore yesterday evening at 6pm, Singapore time. We are now 8 hours ahead of GMT. We set of from Chennai at 3am in the morning, local time. So we decided to go to the airport after checking out of our hotel in the afternoon, to save us carrying our bags around all day! The problem was we didn’t know they wouldn’t let us in to the airport. Unlike most airports, you are not allowed into the airport until 3 hours before your flight! So we had to go back into the city. We found a left luggage place in the airport to leave our bags for the day.

Our flight over to Singapore stopped by Hong Kong first. We flew with Cathay Pacific. Which I was very impressed with! Their service was fantastic, and the food was very good quality! Hong Kong airport was quite impressive! A massive contrast after coming from India! We had a 2 hour stop over in Hong Kong airport, then left for Singapore.

Arriving in Singapore was completley the opposite of our experience arriving in India! When we arrived in Delhi, we were greeted by touts trying to charge us more than the local price for a taxi. When we arrived in Singapore, we were greeted by locals and airport workers, who were kindly directing us to the MRT (Train into the city). They even went as far as to come with us to show us how to select the ticket and to show us exactly where to get off! There was also a tourist information with leaflets and maps! You may think this sounds like an obvious thing to have, but it has been a while since we’ve seen a place so organised!

I am glad for both types of experiences however! Singapore looks like a really organised and clean city. Which will be a breathe of fresh air, for a while. However, I know eventually, we will miss the uniqueness of India! India is something you just have to see for yourself!

We are staying in a hostel called, footprints. Which funilly enough is in a place called ‘Little India’. Just when we thought we had left India behind, we are right back here! The hostel we are staying in is lovely, really clean and great facillities! We have WiFi at last! There are also washing machines and dryers on each floor! There is a lovely sitting area and cafe down stairs and breakfast is served every morning. Although we missed it this morning, because we were too tired!

I will let you know more about Singapore later! We are off to explore!

Love Ruth and Paul

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