Singapore a modern City

Singapore is such a modern city. Everything is in such order and everyone seems to follow rules with no question. This is the complete opposite to India! It is taking us some time to adjust oursleves, and to realise that we no longer have to push and shove when getting onto public transport. The people are so polite. It’s like everyone has gone through some kind of training that they have to conform to!

It is a great city. There seems to be a lot going on for young people! There is a lot going on for young arists. We watched some local people performing today in a Theatre. Also regular performances on open air stages seem to be happening every night this week. It is nice seeing people express themselves. Sometimes it’s just about giving peeople the opportunity! This week in Singapore there are going to be regular performances from a company called ‘Noise Singapore’. I love to see unsigned bands and musicians performing. There is something very raw about it.

Today we looked around the city. There are so many shopping centers. Every 5 minutes you walk and there is a new shopping center. Shame we don’t have loads of money and space in our bags, to go shopping! The shopping centers are quite impressive! There is a lot of thought gone into the layouts and design of each building:) There are also millions of places to eat too! There is a wide variety of food, from sushi, thai, indian, fast food, chinese ect! It’s hard when you don’t eat fish though, as every meal seems to have fish in! Paul is very happy that McDonals have beef burgers here! He missed them in India! Although he has promised me that he won’t eat McDonalds every day!

Here’s some pictures from today!

A ship on top of a building

Paul in China Town, Singapore

Paul in China Town, Singapore

We will be in Singapore till Saturday 13th March. Then we fly to Bali for two weeks.
Speak soon
Ruth and Paul

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