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Visiting Angkor Wat

April 27th-30th
On our first day we decided we would take a Tuk Tuk to the entrance gate for Angkor, then walk the rest of the way. From the ticket office, it is about 3km to Angkor Wat. This walk was ok and we were ok walking around Angkor Wat. However if you are wanting to try and fit other temples in to the same day, I would suggest you hire a tuk tuk for the day.

The distance from Angkor wat to Angkor Thom is a further 2-3 km. If you have only got a short time, make sure you definatley fit in Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom.

On our second day we hired out bicylces for $1, from the city center. This was a great way of getting round, as we were able to do things at our own pace and see as many temples as we wanted. There is so much to explore, that it is impossible to see everything in just a day. We had a 3 day ticket and we still didn’t get to see everything.

There was so many un even stairs to climb, around the temples. If you are at all afraid of heights, you would find climbing the temples difficult. However there is still plenty to see without climbing.I was a little uneasy coming down the stairs of the temples, as they are so narrow and un even.

Sorry this blog is so short. We just wanted to get something up about the temples, as our last blog kind of got in the way. Although we had a bad experience in Phnom Penh, we want everyone to know that Cambodia it self is a beautiful country and we are glad we visited Siem Reap, especially. Please take a look at our photos.

We will write more soon:)

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Love Ruth and Paul

Angkor Temples

On Tuesday 27th April, we got a Tuk Tuk from our hotel (Ta som) to the Angkor Check Point, where you buy your tickets. This is about 3 km from the city and shouldn’t cost you any more than $2 for a Tuk Tuk. They tried charging us $5, but I bargained them down to $2, and they were more than happy to do this. You will need to go back to the check point every day you go to the temples, to get your ticket stamped.

You can hire a Tuk Tuk out for the day, for about $10. This will include being driven around to all the temples, for the whole day. If you want a guide on top of this, be prepared to pay around $15 for the day, or $3 individually for each temple, on top of transport costs. This can either be arranged before you set off, through your hotel, or when you get to the temples. It is cheaper to wait till you get to the temples to get a guide, as the hotel takes a commision on top of the guides price.

The other option is to hire out bicycles and bike around the temples. It is about 6 km from the city to the Angkor Wat Temple and a further 3 Km to Angkor Thom.

We hired out bicycles for $1 each, for the day. You can pick the bike up early in the morning and drop it back off around 10 pm.  We found this a great way to get around, as you have the freedom to stay or leave the temples as you please. Plus you can explore some of the other temples, close by, that tour guides will not include. Just get yourself a map of the Angkor area, a guide book, a bicycle and your off. This will cost you no more than $4 dollars each and you will have all the freedom you want! Plus it keeps you fit:) Just one tip, bring water in a thermos flask if you can. This will save you a lot of money, as they will charge you a lot more for water around the temples. However I managed to get 3   500 ml bottles for $1. They will try and charge you $1 a bottle.

Entering Angkor

Entering Angkor

The ticket price for all the Angkor Temples is $20 for a 1 day pass, $40 for a 3 day pass or $60 for a 7 day pass. We got a 3 day pass. Most people told us that a 1 day pass would not be long enough. They were right. 3 days will give you a good glimpse at most of the temples, however if you want to explore them all, at a more relaxed pace, I’d say get a 7 day pass.

What you need for your day out at Angkor

  • Money for your ticket and water.
  • Good walking shoes, as the ground is uneven
  • Plenty water
  • Transport (Tuk Tuk, walking, bike, tour bus)
  • Compass
  • Map of Angkor
  • Guide book/Tour Guide

Map of angkor

We will write about our experience at the Angkor temples in our next blog,

Ruth and Paul :)