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Declutter your life!

Preparing for this trip has changed me and Paul in so many ways, and that’s before we’ve even set off! One of the biggest things I’ve learnt, is how much our possessions can tie us down. It may sound ridiculous, but it is true, that even a sofa could stop you from travelling the world.

We have been decluttering our house for over two months now, in preparation for our world tour. This has involved giving things away to friends, family and charity shops. Taking things to recycle centres. We have also done a few car boat sales, which is an excellent way of getting rid of junk, and making a bit of money for your trip.

We got married in April 2009, and with part of our wedding money we bought furniture for our new place. The furniture has served us well for the 9 months we’ve been married, but now we have sold it all, so that we don’t have to pay for storage. This would cost us approximately £800 for the 10 months we plan to be away. I definitely feel more free, now that we know we don’t have constant money coming out, paying for furniture, that we may not even want, or need, when we return!

It is amazing how free you feel when you start to declutter your life. It is hard at first, but gradually it gets easier. I am not talking about chucking out everything. I love memories and I hate chucking out sentimental things. I have kept a journal, from the age of 10 (I am not 26), and I certainly would never chuck them out! There are ways however, of reducing the space that keep sakes take up, thus making room, for new memories! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Scrap Booking (It is best to do this as you go along, otherwise it gets left and never gets done!) We would have boxes and boxes of keep sake items if we kept everything. For example I used to have every single school book from primary and high school. Then when I did my A Levels, I also wanted to keep those books, then I went to college. Knowing when to stop is hard, when you like to keep every single memory like me! Scrap booking is a good way of documenting these things. Why not take a few pages from each subject and make a scrap book of your time at school. This will take up less space and is much easier to carry around.
  • Personal Website- You could create a website for yourself, sharing pictures, stories and events from your life. This is a good way of sharing your memories with others, plus it takes up no space and it is accessible from anywhere in the world!
  • Photo Albums- we tend to either have a box full of un-organised photos, or a computer full of our digital photos. Either way it takes up too much space, either in a box, or space on your computer.
  • Online Journal- Like the one I am writing on right now! This certainley doesn’t replace your hand writtern journal, but it is a great way of sharing experiences with others, and documenting things that you don’t want to forget!

Why not try some of these things for yourself. Although it takes up time in the short run, in the long run it will save you a lot of time. When you come to moving house, you won’t have to go through heaps of stuff and you won’t end up chucking keep sake items, in a panic, when you only have a few hours left, to get your possesions into the van.

Indian Visa Application

Indian Visa

This information is for UK Citizens only-but other nationalities will find this information useful.

Today we applied for our Indian Visa’s. This needs to be completed at least 1 month before you leave to give you plenty time to allow it to be processed. You can either complete your application online or you can print the application and fill it in. You also have the option of either posting your application or you can book an appointment at your nearest application center. We have sent out application in and it should be processed withing 15 days Max. You can download your online application form here.

There were a few questions that I was stuck with when filling in my application form.

  • Place of Issue for the UK is IPS
  • When it asks you for address when staying in India just write down the address of a youth hostel or hotel, it’s ok if it changes at a later date.
  • When it asks you to list 2 Referees in India you can write ‘UK HIGH COMMISSION’ if you don’t know anyone in India.

Once you have filled in your application form you will need to attach two passport photos on the application. If you are planning on posting your application you will need to attach two passport size photos to your application, prepare a self addressed envelope for the return or your passports, this will need to be special delivery. You then send the application special delivery to:

India Visa Application Center
1-3, Canalside,
Uxbridge Road
Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 0JN

You will then need to  pay for your visa application either online or by postal cheque. The cost of a 6 Month Tourist Visa for a UK Citizen is £30 excluding the VFS service charge of  £9.05. You can see a chart of the different prices here.

I hope this post has helped inform you about Indian Visas. I would reccomend you to avoid ringing the premium number that is provided on their website as they charge 95p per minute. If you have any queries either get in touch with us or you can also check out their official website for Indian Visa Applications.

Thanks for reading

Ruth and Paul :)

World Ticket

World Ticket

In my last blog I was contemplating if we should get a world ticket or not. Well we have finally decided to go with a world ticket. After a lot of research we decided it would be the cheaper option. We have gone with a company called Travel Nation. The world ticket lasts for a year and you can change your plotted dates as often as you want, by ringing up, for no extra cost. We have decided to only book the major flights through travel nation and we will book other smaller flights in and around Asia once we are over there. There is an airline called air Asia which do budget flights around Asia. So we will just book other small flight once we are out there.

We set off on 3rd February and we plan to be traveling till the beginning of December 2010.  Our travel route is as follows:-

  • India (New Delhi)
  • Mumbai
  • Goa
  • Chennai
  • Singapore
  • Java
  • Bali
  • Thailand (Chang Mai)
  • Bangkok
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • China (Hong Kong)
  • Shanghai
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South America (Ecuador)
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Brazil

Thanks for reading. My next blog will inform you about the necessary jabs you need before you go traveling.

Planning Our Route- World Tour 2010

Now that we have decided to leave our jobs and travel  the world, we can get down to the planning . It is almost impossible to focus on your goals when you have things stopping you from achieving them. Now that we have both handed our notice in at work, we can finally see our goal to travel the world coming true. So my advice to anyone planning on traveling is to simply ‘do it!’. If you have things stopping you from achieving that goal, then make sure you make changes in your life. Don’t let barriers stop you from getting what you really want!

Planning your trip can be tiring, confusing, at times things will seem impossible, but most all the planning stage should be full of excitment. You will have lot’s of questions as I do, about how to go about your travel plans. Here are a few things to consider in the first stage of your planning.

When do you want to set out on your world tour? How long do you want to travel for? How will I make money on my trip? Which countries do you want to visit? Do you want to get a world ticket or seperate flights? How much money will I need? What do I do about visas?

I will answer these questions in more depth on my FAQ page, but I will just share a few of my thoughts so far with you, in regards to these questions.

When do you want to set out on your world tour?

A goal that is not time bound will proberly never happen, as you will keep saying I will get round to it soon. People who say this generally don’t achieve their goals. I strongly believe that If you want something to happen, you have to set a time to achieve it. We plan to set out on our travels in the first week of February. It is no good just setting a date without putting any thought into it. It has to be realistic. You may need to consider things like: giving enough time for handing a notice in to work, time to sort out documentation like visas and passports, saving enough money and you also need to consider your current circumstances. Once you have a date set you can start telling people about your plans. This will make your goal feel even more real.

How long do you want to travel for?

This will depend on your circumstances. Have you got a job to come back to? How much money have you got saved? Once you have considered everything, you should make a budget plan to see how long you can fund your travels for. We have decided to travel between 6- 12 months. This will depend on how much money we can make whilst we are away.

How will I make money on my trip?

Imagine your life travelling the world and getting paid money as you do so. This sounds amazing right? Well it is possible. I will just share a few tips that I have picked up. Making money whilst travelling allows you to extend your travel time. I have looked into various ways of making money. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a Travel Blog, like the one you are reading right now. Travel blogs are becoming more and more popular. You can either set up your own web page or create a travel blog using a popular blog website, like blogger. Once you have created your blog, get writing about interesting places that you are visiting. Your job is to get traffic to your blog, so make it interesting. How does this make you money? I was wandering the same thing. You can put adverts on your blog through various sources, including, google adsense and affiliate marketing programmes, like  AffiliateWindow . Once a website gets popular, advertising can bring in a lot of income. Thats exactly how websites like, facebook, myspace, bebo, twitter and yourtube make their money.
  • If you have skills like web designing or other IT skills, why not try and get some work online. If you work for a company, they may have some work for you to do online on your travels. It’s worth asking!
  • Busking/Street Entertaining. If you are a musician, artist, actor, magician ect then you could consider street entertaining. This can be a fun and creative way of making money to fund your travels. I busked for a year whilst living in Dublin. This paid for all my living expenses, food and it still left me with a little money to save. Why not give it a go! If you want to read more about my busking experiences then go to .
  • TEFL. You could consider taking a TEFL course online before you go. This is one of the most popular ways of funding your travels. A TEFL qualification will allow you to teach English as a foreign language all over the world. You could be teaching English in school in Thailand, China, Japan and many more. You normally get weekends off, so you will have time to travel also.

There are many other ways of making money, which I will share with you at a later date. I hope this has given you some hope in knowing that it is possible to bring in money as you travel.

Which countries do you want to visit?

Make a list of the countries you want to visit in priority order. It is good to be ambitious, but you also need to be realistic. Once you have got a list in priority order, you can start to look at various travel pages. You will need to look at your budget and make a decision. You may, like me, want to be more flexible about your travels, and decide certain places as you go. If this is the case you will still need to know roughly where you are going, so you can look into visas.

Do you want to get a World Travel Ticket?

Now for the vital question. Do you want a world travel ticket, or do you want to get seperate flights as you travel? This decison will depend on the type of traveller you are. Are you someone who likes to know exactly what is planned ahead? Do you like order and a set routine? Have you already decided the exact destinations you want to go to? If this sounds like you then a world ticket is proberly the best option for you. A world ticket allows you to select the destinations you want to go to and select the dates of travel for each. This then calculates the amount for your world ticket. On the other hand you may be the sort of person who likes flexibilty. Are you the sort of person who wakes up one morning and thinks, I want to go there today. Maybe you have no exact route planned yet, and therefore you don’t want restricted travel dates. If this is the case you could just get a one way ticket to your first destination and but air tickets as you travel. I will go into more depth with this on my travel tips page.

I hope this information has given you some food for thought. I will go into more depth at a later date. So keep reading! Until then, happy plannin:)



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