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Quitting My Job

I decided to go with my gut feeling and take the plunge the next morning- I wasn’t 100% sure about what I’d do after but I just knew I wanted to leave and that was all. Having my travels to focus on made this decision alot easier. So 10am monday 24th August I went into college and told my boss I didn’t want to teach anymore in the new year. Wow the feeling I got after was electrifying. It felt amazing to get that off my chest. It felt like I’d run a marathon and finally reached the finishing line. My boss was amazingly supportive of my decision and when I told her about my  plans to travel she said ‘I don’t blame you, it’s the right time to do it, whilst you’re young and before you have children’ I guess the feeling I got after telling her was my confirmation that I’d made the right choice! It really was as simple as Paul said “Just quit”. Who know’s where this decision will take me, so many people will think I’m crazy for leaving behind a good paid, respected job. However in time people will see why.

Thinking Of Leaving My Job

I have been working as a support worker in a College for nearly 3 years now. In september 2008 I was offered two afternoons work teaching in performing arts. FANTASTIC I thought, more money, more focus on my music, more responibility. However this also resulted in LESS TIME! I have enjoyed aspects of this role, for example seeing the students grow and develop, watching them perform on stage and seeing them overcome barriers. At the same time I feel that it has taken my focus away from what I really want to do in my life, that is to perform and write. Whilst it has been a fantastic experience for me I feel it’s time to move on, at least for now. I guess I have been scared of admitting that I didn’t want to teach any longer. I finally admitted it to myself and told my husband how I feel.”I don’t enjoy teaching and I don’t know what to do about it?”  I told him ”Quit” he said. ‘Quit?’ is it really that simple I said to him. ‘Yes, just quit’. When he said that to me it sounded so tempting but then I started going over all the inpracticalities in my mind. I’d be on less money, I’d be leaving behind a job with a good status, what would other people think, would my parents and friends support my decision? So many things went through my mind and I said to  him ‘It’s not that simple’. He still held strong and said ‘yes it is, you don’t like working there so just quit’. I could hear what he was saying and it sounded amazing but the fear of what I’d do after scared me.

How it all started

Me and my husband Paul are planning the biggest adventure of our life so far. We are working towards leaving England to Travel the world, starting in January 2010. I currently work as a Performing arts teacher/ Support worker at a college and Paul works as an IT Manager. We plan to leave our job’s at the end of the year and set off around the end of Januray 2010. We plan to try and travel for 6 months, we will see how long we can survive. We are going on what i would call a true adventure! This will involve taking risks, experiencing some discomfort at times, spiritual and personnel growth, exhiliration and finally I hope the adventure will leave us desiring more.



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