Arriving in Hong Kong

We arrived in Hong Kong Tuesday 1st June around 9pm. We decided to sleep in the airport, as we didn’t want to start looking for accommodation in the city whilst it was dark. Hong Kong airport is a great airport to sleep in-there are loads of places in the departure and arrival lounge where you can get plenty rest. There is also the Plaza Premium Lounge where you can pay to get a private space to rest, there are also showers that you can pay to use.

Terminal 2 is the best place to rest, as it’s quiet and there are lots of benches and chairs to sit on. Also the announcements don’t come over the speakers, to disturb you:)

Paul in Hong Kong airport

Paul in Hong Kong airport

The restaurants and food places close around 11 pm, but the 7/11 shop, which can be found on the 5th floor terminal 2, stays open all night. We finally found a spot to sleep. Although it wasn;t the most comfortable night ever-it was worth it for one night-and it didnt cost us a penny! :)

The next morning, we got our bus to the city. There are several ways of getting to the city. You can take a taxi, airport express (Mrt) or there are local buses directly outside the airport. We decided to take the bus, this is the cheapest option, costing us 33 hk Dollars each (£3), for the journey which is about 30km. Hong Kong Airport is on a small island of it’s own, connected to the other islands by bridges.

Map of Hong Kong

Map of Hong Kong

We are staying in Kowloon, just of Nathan Road. We are close by to Victoria Harbour, where we can see the stunning Hong Kong skyline. (see the yellow star of the map for location) We were shocked at the prices of hotels, compared to the rest of  Asia. So far we had been paying around £10 a night for a nice spacious room, now we are paying £40 for a box room, that only fits a bed and a small bathroom. I guess this is just preparing us for our return home, as you do not find hotels for £10 a night in Ireland or England, or meals for £1!

Hong Kong is a very exciting city, with a similar feel to New York. The city doesn’t sleep, the lights on all the buildings make the evening look like day time!

We took a walk down to Victoria Harbour last night to the Avenue of Stars. The Avenue of stars is found along the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade in Hong Kong, and features hand prints of stars and sculptures, including a two metre tall statue of the legendary kung-fu action star, Bruce Lee. Every evening there is a light show at 8pm.

A symphony of Lights, is the largest permanent light and sound show, recoded in the Guinness World Records. It covers more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. This looked spectacular! Here is a short video we recorded.

We will add the pictures soon

Ruth and Paul

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  1. rhea Says:

    Hi Paul and Ruth!

    my name is Rhea. My boyfriend and I will go to HK come July of this year. We will arrive at the airport around 1am. I read in your article that 7/11 shop, which can be found on the 5th floor terminal 2, stays open all night. Is it safe to stay there while waiting for the bus in the morning? I think the Arrival Lounge in the airport is pretty expensive. Plus, we are on a tight budget.

    Thank you and have a great day to both of you!

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