Beijing Zoo

We decided to go and check out Beijing Zoo. We got there by tube-which cost us 2 Yuan each (20p). The entrance fee was 20 Yuan each (2GBP). After visiting the zoo we can see why it was so cheap to get in, and that is because it is so run down. We were both very disappointed about the condition of the animals and their living conditions. A lot of the animals were kept in cages just about big enough for them to stand in. I was confused as to why there were animals like flamingos locked in small cages, when last week we were able to see flamingos naturally and happily swimming on a lake in Hong Kong.

I know zoo’s are not natural places as such but you are still able to create a natural environment for these animals and a cage as big as them is certainly not good enough! Most of the animals were walking around in circles in their small living spaces, whilst we were able to enjoy the open space of the zoo. There was even a massive lake that was empty. I would suggest they put their ticket prices up a little, so that they can start putting money back into treating the animals better.

We went to see the Panda’s in the zoo-which is the main reason we went. The pandas were filthy and although there was an area outside for them, you could see it hadn’t been used much as everything was so overgrown and the water outside in the pond was fithy also. I really hope this zoo improves.

On the bright side we went to visit a beautiful park on Saturday- Jing Shan park. It cost 2 yuan (20p) to get in, and was well worth visiting. In the park you are able to climb up a hill to the Pavillion. This is where you will see the best view over Beijing city. You are able to see the grounds of the forbiddon city, and over the Beijing City. This is the highest peak in the city, so it is well worth the climb. We just sat up there and enjoyed the beautiful view over the city.

View of Beijing

View of Beijing

That’s all for now:)

Ruth and Paul

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