This information applies to UK and Irish Citizens. However the information will also be useful to other nationalities.

Do I need a visa for ……….?
I came across an excellent website when trying to find out what visas I needed to apply for. Go to http://www.projectvisa.com/

Where’s the best place to get a world ticket from?
I can only tell you from our experience. You will come across a lot of different deals over the Internet but if you are looking for something really flexible that allows you to change your dates along the way, then I would highly recommend Travel Nation. You select your countries that you want to visit and you plot your dates, however you can change the dates of your flights as you go for little or no extra charge.

Star Alliance is another big company that offer good deals on World Tickets.

What vaccinations do I need?
You will need to get professional advice at your local clinic on what jabs you need for your travels. They will look at the time of year you are travelling to the countries and also look at the infected areas. If you are from the UK make sure you find out with your local GP what jabs you can get on the NHS, because it will save you a lot of Money. Here’s a list of the Vaccinations I was able to get on the NHS at my local doctors:

  • Hepatitis A and B (3 Shots)
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus, Polio and Diphtheria

I also found a fantastic website which tells you what jabs you need for what countries.

What visas do I need to get before I go away?
Some countries require you to get a visa before entry into the country. From the list of countries we are going to the only places that require this are India, Vietnam, China and Australia. You can read about how to get an Indian Visa in this post.

Vietnam visa. You can either apply for your visa before you go away from the Vietnam Embassy in the UK or you can get it when and if you are going to be staying in Bangkok before you go to Vietnam. You will find the Embassy at the following address.

Address: 83/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, THAILAND

China Visa. This  can either be applied for before you go or you can apply for it once you get to Hong Kong from the embassy there.

7th Floor, Lower Block, China Resources Building,

No.26, Harbor Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR

Australian visa. This  can be applied for online. It is called a ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). You can download an application form here.

Once this is processed they will advise you by email if your ETA application has been successful. The ETA is linked electronically to your passport number, so you will not need paper confirmation.

What should I take on my world Tour?

Weather you are going for a long time or a short time, pack light. All the accessories you think you need back home, will no longer be important to you when you are traveling. Leave your hair straighteners, make up, expensive clothing and unnecessary amount of shoes at home! All you need is the essentials, and if you follow this simple rule, you will have a much smoother trip!

What you will need