Arriving in Goa

We left Mumbai on the 16th February 2010 at 6.55 am, and arrived in Madgaon station, in Goa at 18.45. The train cost us 1564 Rupee’s, which is just over £20, for both of us. This is for 2nd Class Air Conditioned. Travelling by train is a good way of seeing the country, and also is very cheap. Just make sure you always buy your tickets from the official train stations. Touts will try and sell you tickets for a lot more!

The train journey from Mumbai to Goa went very fast, as we chatted with a guy from Sweden that we met, called Johan. He just arrived in Mumbai the night before, and already he’d managed to get tricked into buying a traditional Indian outfit, a train ticket that cost him way above the normal cost, and he got talked into given his comfortable shoes to the Indian guy, who had ‘helped’ him during the day, with getting his train tickets ect. On your first day in India, these things just seem to happen to you, and it’s only till you wake up the next morning, that you realise, you have been tricked! After a few days you learn! His stories made us laugh anyway, and made us realise we are not the only ones who have been fooled!

If you are reading this, I hope you are getting used to those Indian shoes you bought!

We also met a lovely guy from India, who was on his way to his home in Goa. He had travelled a lot, so was able to share his experiences with us, about different countries. It was nice having the opportunity to talk with a local, who was not trying to sell something to us!

As the train pulled in to Goa, we saw a massive change from the North of India. There was water and greenery everywhere. It looked so fresh and clean. It looked stunning. We were excited about being able to just relax for a while, after being in such busy cities!

We got a pre-paid taxi from the station, to our hotel in Colva. We stayed in a hotel called ‘La Ben’, near Colva beach, for the first two nights. Then moved to an apartment on Thursday 18th February.

We will update you on our stay here in Goa soon

Ruth and Paul

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