Arriving in New Delhi

We arrived in New Delhi 4 hours behind schedule. We had read on the Internet that you could get metro from Delhi airport to the city center. Well this is true, except it hasn’t been built yet! So we got a pre-paid taxi instead, which cost us 250 Rupees (3.43 GBP)  for a 17 mile journey. You need to make sure you get the Pre-Paid taxis, as others will try and charge you more! You can pay for your Pre-Paid taxis inside the airport.

We got to our hotel fine. It is nice enough, but the bathroom is, well interesting! Paul was right we should of brought toilet roll:) They told us there was Wi-Fi in the hotel, but there wasn’t any internet at all! I guess this is just a way for them getting you to stay! We will be checking in future!

So after settling in we decided to brave New Delhi City. This can’t be too hard I thought. My Dad had warned me about the touts, but I didn’t think it would be this bad! As soon as we left our hotel we had people trying to coax us to going to a tourist information. We just thought they were trying to be helpful at first, until we found that when we got to the tourist information, they sit you down and try to sell a package of train tickets to you! We decided not to let them bother us anymore. However we then went to Mc Donalds (Yes Paul has already persuaded us to go there) and sat down. Two guys came over and asked if they could take a spare seat. We said no problem. After a while they asked us where we were from and then we just got chatting and they told us about different things in the city. I guess this was to build up our trust. They told us to avoid the touts and only to use a company called ‘Incredible India’, which we had previously heard on the internet. After showing us where it was we were back inside another ‘tourist office’ trying to sell us a package of train tickets for 250GBP each. Today we got this same package for 30 GBP each from the New Delhi Train station. When you go inside the train station it is upstairs on the first floor. I will warn you the touts will try direct you away even when you arrive at the station. Trust me, we went round in circles yesterday! Well we’ve learnt our lesson!

Today we booked our trains from New Delhi to Agra for Monday 8th February. We will stay there one night, then we head to Jaipur on the 9th for two night. Then we leave for the overnight train from Jaipur to Mumbai on 11th.

Today we will be looking at the sites in New Delhi.

speak to you all soon

Ruth and Paul

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