Colva, Goa

We have been in Goa now for 1 week. We love it here so much, and will be sad to leave. Goa is definatley somewhere we would come back to. It is so relaxing and laid back, that you don’t want to leave. We read in a book, before we arrived, that Goa is a place that keeps you forever. This is very true!

It’s just been so nice being able to relax, and wake up every morning and go for a swim in the sea. The beaches here are so beautiful. We have enjoyed walking up the beach each day and meeting interesting people along the way!

There are still a lot of people selling you things here in Colva, but that’s beacause we are in a tourist spot. There are quiter beaches further up the coast, which allows you to get away from sellers and other tourists for a while. One day we were laying on a beach when a young Indian girl came up to us, she was trying to sell jewellery to us, I kept saying no, but she kept persisting. She started to lay all her jewellery out on Paul, asking if he wanted some. She couldn’t understand why Paul wouldn’t want to wear any of this haha. She also kept calling Paul milk bottle! Which was quite funny!

Paul with a display o Jewellery on him

Paul with a display o Jewellery on him

We have mostly taken this week as an excuse to relax, after being in busy cities. We hired out bikes one day, and cylcled up the coast. This was a great idea and only costs £2 each for the day.

Paul on Colva beach

Paul on Colva beach

There are also lots of nice restaurants to eat out, in Colva. We have started to get into the food here, and have finally learnt to enjoy the Indian Cuisine! A meal for one, including a drink, costs about £2 each. That is for good quality food!
We are just about to go out for a swim and a walk. We will post more later. We are leaving this Thursday for Chennai. We get an overnight train from Goa-Chennai, which will arrive Friday morning.
Speak soon,
Ruth and Paul

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