Jaipur was a lovely city. We spent 2 days there. Most of the city is made of pink buildings. It is known as the ‘pink city’.

We tend to do a few tourist attractions in every city we go to, then we spent the rest of our time wandering down streets that look interesting to us. That always seems to turn out being more interesting than anything else. We could see in the distance a fort on top of a hill, and we both decided we wanted to climb it, so we headed towards the fort. The fort is known as ‘Nahargarh Fort’, and overlooks the pink city of Jaipur. As we headed towards the fort, we ended up on a small backstreet, that probaly never got many tourists coming down it. Everyone came to their doors and windows from above and wanted to wave to us. Children were running up to us, wanting to shake our hands, and people were shouting hello from their roof tops. Once again we felt like royality!

We finally got to the foothill of the fort and began to climb it. As we walked up the fort we could see kites being flown from all the roof tops. We asked a young local boy why everyone was flying kites, he said it was in preperation for a competition in Jaipur. It reminded me of the film ‘Kite Runner’ You have to cut someone elses kite with your string, then you run to catch it.

The view from the top of the fort was amazing. You could see all over the city! It  is definatley worth climbing, if you ever go to jaipur.

The next day we visited Gandir, which is a hindu temple, known as the monkey temple, because of the amount of monkeys that are there! This was another beautiful sight from the top. You climb up a hill, and the temple is on the top of the hill. A lady greeted us at the top. She lives in the temple. It was passed down to her through generations.


Ruth and the owner of the monkey temple

Ruth and the owner of the monkey temple

Paul outside the Monkey Temple

Paul outside the Monkey Temple

Jaipur was definatley worth visiting!

Ruth and Paul

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