Kuta, Bali

We spent the last few days of our time in Bali, in Kuta. This is a very built up, touristy place. It is known for it’s beaches, and many people come here to Surf. We enjoyed our time here, we were staying in a beautiful hotel, right by the beach, called Fat Yogi. We would definatley reccomend this hotel. We had a lovely large room, that was cleaned daily, with Air-Con, a pool, and breakfast was served to the room daily! We had no trouble with this hotel, and the staff were very friendly! Paul was working for a few days, whilst in Kuta, so we stayed still for those few days, and just enjoyed swimming in the pool and going to the beach.

Paul by the pool

Paul by the pool

Kuta is mostly full of young people, wanting to party. A few days there was fine, but we found it a little over populated with tourists, and it didn’t really give us much of a taste for Bali. It was worth a short visit, but we much preffered our time in Ubud, and our visit to Mount Batur!

We really enjoyed our time in Bali, and could of done with 3 weeks in total there, but we have plenty more places to see in the world, so we have to keep going!

Kuta Sunset

Kuta Sunset

Ruth and Paul :)

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