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World Tickets

This is where we got our world ticket from. You select the countries you want to be added to your world ticket and plot your dates, then they will give you a quote. The great thing about this world ticket is you can change the dates of your travel as you go, for no extra cost. I would definatley reccomend you getting a world ticket. I was unsure at first, as I thought it would restrict us, but companies like travel; nation make it very flexible for you. It is also the cheaper option.

Ironing in Morecambe & Lancaster
Link: Ironing Morecambe

Domestic Cleaning and Ironing in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.


This website is fantastic for finding out if you need a visa for a certain country. You need to make sure you are clear about what countries you need visas for. From the list of countries we are going to, (which you can see on our home page) we need visas for India, Vietnam, China,  and Australia. We are applying for our Vietnam visa once we get to Bangkok, as it is cheaper there. We are also applying for our China visa in Hong Kong. We are able to get into Hong kong without a visa and we can apply for our visa for the rest of China there. Check on this website what visas you need.


We found these websites useful, when looking for accomodation. It is fantastic for finding budget hostels for your around the world trip.

Travel Clinics
You need to start thinking about getting your vaccinations at least 2 months in advance of your departure, as you need 3 shots for some jabs. You can get a lot of the vaccinations on the NHS, however others you will have to pay for ie Yellow Fever, Rabies and Japanese B Encephalitis. You will have to go to your local travel clinic for these jabs.

We highly recommend the Health Hub travel clinic in Lancaster. The lady who gave us our jabs, was extremely knowledgeable and also very helpful in giving us all the information we needed. This travel clinic is located at:

1b Queen Street
Telephone: 01524 580999