From Ko Phi Phi to Ko Lanta

We got our ferry from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta on Friday 2nd April. We really enjoyed our time in Koh Phi Phi and would definitely suggest you pay a visit if you can. You will not be disappointed with the beautiful beaches. It is a little crowded around the island, but there are quieter beaches that you can go to. Long beach is a nice beach with beautiful sands and is good for swimming and snorkelling. There are also nice restaurants along the beach. We would stay on that beach if we were to go to Phi Phi again. It is busy, but not as busy as Ton Sai Bay. The crowds are close to the ferry port. Nui Bay and Loh Lana bay are also beautiful beaches. They were two of our favourite spots on the island. These two beaches are very quite, so if you want to get away from tourists for a while, I suggest you hire a kayak and go there, or get a taxi boat to take you there and pick you up later.

The ferry over to Koh Lanta took around 1 ½ hours and cost 300 BAHT each. You can purchase your tickets from the many ticket offices on Koh Phi Phi. Just make sure you purchase the day before in the busy season, as the boats do fill up.

Many locals came up to us on the ferry, trying to advertise their hotel to us. We finally agreed to going to see one of the hotels when we arrived on Koh Lanta. The guy told us that the hotel had internet, which we made quite clear was essential to us, because of work. He promised all rooms had internet.

When we got off the ferry we were put into a 4 by 4 car along with 5 other tourists. Two guys from Germany, 2 girls from Germany and 1 guy from Australia. When we got to the Blue Adaman Hotel, me and Paul were separated from the rest of the people, and told to go with the guy who told us about the hotel. I then realised that he must be on commission and that it wasn’t his hotel at all. This would have been fine, if he didn’t lie to us though. We got there and he was quoting the rooms at a much higher price and also we found that there was no internet in the rooms at all, but that it was only by the pool and you had to purchase a card to get on. The man got very angry at us when we told him we didn’t want to pay for a room at this price, when he had told us we would have internet. He angrily told us to leave the hotel. We went to find the official reception. The prices were a lot cheaper and the staff much friendlier.

We checked into one of the rooms with a balcony and that was air conditioned, for 550 BAHT a night. The hotel is right by the sea, and the pool looks over the sea. We can also see the beach from our balcony.

View from Hotel Room (Blue Andaman Lanta)

View from Hotel Room (Blue Andaman Lanta)

Even though the guy was very rude to us, we are glad we stayed here, as the hotel is very nice and it is in a lovely quite location, with easy access to other beaches.

Blue Andaman Hotel Lanta

Blue Andaman Hotel Lanta

We will write more about our time in Ko Lanta

Ruth and Paul

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  1. John Says:

    Sounds like you had a great experience at this hotel. It’s good you weren’t put off by the lies and rudeness of the man who introduced you to it. I hope your bus journey to Bangkok went well.

  2. 3dancing Says:


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