Koh Lanta

We stayed in Koh Lanta for 4 nights. Koh Lanta is a much quieter island than Phi Phi. It is a good island to go to, if you want to get away from the crowds of tourist and want a relaxing time away. We were staying on a very quite beach called Pru Klom Beach. This is about 20 minutes drive from the ferry port. This beach wasn’t the best beach for swimming in, as it was very rocky and when the tide was low you had to walk over lots of rocks to get to the sea. If you drive further south, to Klong Nin and Klong Hin beach, you will find it a lot better for swimming in.

We hired out a Moped for 200 Baht (£4) a day for a couple of days. We drove to Klong Nin and Klong Hin Beach and we went to Kan Teang Bay, where you can walk through jungle to get to a waterfall. The walk was beautiful, through trees and a running stream. The thing is after arriving at the waterfall, we realised it had no water on it! Still a beautiful walk! You can do Elephant Trekking here also, where you ride the Elephant through the jungle. We also went to Klong Dao Beach in the evening. This is further north and is close to the ferry port. This would be a great beach to stay on, as the beach is great for swimming in, also there are nice restaurants along the beach and it is close to the ferry port, where you will find the main shopping area. On our 2nd day in Koh Lanta we drove to the viewpoint, where you can see the Island from a height. This is a beautiful sight!

Then we set off to Lanta Old Town. We came to a corner on the bike, where we had to turn right. We slowly took the corner, but as we did Paul realised there was a 3 foot deep pot hole in the road, so he tried turning away from it, but the bike didn’t turn in time, so he braked, this made us come off our bike. Luckily we were only going about 2 miles an hour, so the damage to the bike and us, was only small. We both got a few grazes that I was able to clean up with the first aid kit I was carrying. Lucky I came prepared! This did shake us both up a little. The roads are quite dangerous, as there are so many pot holes around. If you don’t spot them in time, you have no chance. Whatever you do, wear a helmet. Lucky we were! After cleaning ourselves up, we continued to Lanta Old town. This is only a small town, with a church, a port and a few shops. You can get ferries to other small islands from here. My ankle and knee were sore, from falling off the bike, so we decided to go back. We went back to the hotel and spent the day relaxing in the pool. The next day we went to Saladan Village, right by the ferry port. This is where the main shops are. We looked around the markets there and also the shops in the village. We really enjoyed our time in Koh Lanta, it was very relaxing. Our hotel was very nice. We enjoyed having a pool on the sea front, and enjoyed being able to watch the sunsets every evening.

Sunset Koh Lanta

Sunset Koh Lanta

Ruth and Paul

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