Quitting My Job

I decided to go with my gut feeling and take the plunge the next morning- I wasn’t 100% sure about what I’d do after but I just knew I wanted to leave and that was all. Having my travels to focus on made this decision alot easier. So 10am monday 24th August I went into college and told my boss I didn’t want to teach anymore in the new year. Wow the feeling I got after was electrifying. It felt amazing to get that off my chest. It felt like I’d run a marathon and finally reached the finishing line. My boss was amazingly supportive of my decision and when I told her about my  plans to travel she said ‘I don’t blame you, it’s the right time to do it, whilst you’re young and before you have children’ I guess the feeling I got after telling her was my confirmation that I’d made the right choice! It really was as simple as Paul said “Just quit”. Who know’s where this decision will take me, so many people will think I’m crazy for leaving behind a good paid, respected job. However in time people will see why.

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