Thinking Of Leaving My Job

I have been working as a support worker in a College for nearly 3 years now. In september 2008 I was offered two afternoons work teaching in performing arts. FANTASTIC I thought, more money, more focus on my music, more responibility. However this also resulted in LESS TIME! I have enjoyed aspects of this role, for example seeing the students grow and develop, watching them perform on stage and seeing them overcome barriers. At the same time I feel that it has taken my focus away from what I really want to do in my life, that is to perform and write. Whilst it has been a fantastic experience for me I feel it’s time to move on, at least for now. I guess I have been scared of admitting that I didn’t want to teach any longer. I finally admitted it to myself and told my husband how I feel.”I don’t enjoy teaching and I don’t know what to do about it?”  I told him ”Quit” he said. ‘Quit?’ is it really that simple I said to him. ‘Yes, just quit’. When he said that to me it sounded so tempting but then I started going over all the inpracticalities in my mind. I’d be on less money, I’d be leaving behind a job with a good status, what would other people think, would my parents and friends support my decision? So many things went through my mind and I said to  him ‘It’s not that simple’. He still held strong and said ‘yes it is, you don’t like working there so just quit’. I could hear what he was saying and it sounded amazing but the fear of what I’d do after scared me.

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