The end of a fantastic 10 months!

I can’t believe how fast the last 10 months have gone! Today is the last day of our travels. We set off from the UK on 3rd February 2010 and arrived in our first destination New Delhi. Arriving in India was a big shock to both of us. Although my parents had been and we’d heard many stories about the poverty there and way of living, it didn’t hit us until we actually arrived there. Although we had a great time in India, at the time I was also looking forward to leaving, as it felt so draining there. The funny thing is now it’s the one place I actually want to go back to. I am interested to know how we would deal with things a second time round.

I want to write a detailed blog on my thoughts on the whole trip, but right now we are rushing to catch our flight, so I must keep this brief.

We have both had an amazing year. We have seen so much, yet feel there is also so much more to see! We have enjoyed learning about different cultures and seeing the many beautiful places that there are in the world. It has been a year of learning, not only about the world but also about ourself and each other. We look forward to exploring more of the world in the future:)

We are just about to head off to Buenos Aires (Argentina) airport. Our flight from Buenos Aires to Manchester leaves at 1:15pm local time (4:15pm GMT). First we fly to Sao Paulo, then we fly to London Heathrow, then finally Manchester. If the flights aren’t delayed at all (which I have a feeling they may be, due to snow) then we should arrive in Manchester airport at 9:55am on Friday 3rd December.

We look forward to seeing all our family and friends very soon!

I will write a more detailed blog when I get home and also write up about our time in Peru, Machu Pichhu and Buenos Aires.

Ruth and Paul

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